Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Disaster Prep Wednesday: Preparing for Winter Weather

Back in the olden days, the Little House on the Prairie The Long Winter days, when what we used to call a "blue blizzard"* could sneak up on you, you really had to make sure you had a good emergency kit to tide you over in car or home until the weather changed or help arrived.

While sneak weather assaults are mostly a thing of the past, this short FEMA video has some good tips- especially the part about having plans for communication:

More info here. Look out for your elderly neighbors, too. Clearing an older person's driveway, sidewalk and doorways may be a life-saver.

*A blue blizzard in my Western vernacular meant usually the day started with bright sun and then a blizzard storm front would blow in "without warning." Now the NOAA weather service, Weather Channel and the local weather guessers who read NWS warnings pretty much let you know well in advance about the possibility of dangerously bad weather coming at you.

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