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Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Disaster Prep Wednesday: Your Traffic Jam Disaster Kit

So, it's one of those days. You at are work and there's a storm blowing in. You tune into the radio and there is an announcement that the school system is closing your child's school 3 hours early. Your boss decides to close the office early. Suddenly everyone one is trying to crowd onto the highways all at once. A couple of wrecks later and some snow and ice fall later, well you are stuck in the middle of an Interstate highway with no possible exit and miles from . . . anywhere. Help can't get to you because the roads are . . . blocked. You might be there for a couple of days.

Heck of time to find out you really should have packed that mobile disaster kit in the car. You know, the one with blanket or sleeping bag, a couple of days worth of food, some water, hand warmers, flashlight, a book you bought at the second hand book store, cell phone charger, baby wipes, trash bags, toilet paper, etc.

Or like this one that Allstate suggests.

You know, it just could happen.

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  1. Perhaps it is listed and I just keep missing it, but prescription drugs doses (or at least suitable "emergency" substitutes) should be available in situations where potential stranding is a possiblity.

    Military vets, having been medically prescreened, are generally healthier than than the average population. Older people and younger ones never in the military may be particullarly at risk of problems from missed doses.