Monday, February 24, 2014

Monday Bonus Movie: Cheap Weapons of War "Japanese Fire Balloons (1945)"

You don't need big money to create weapons. Not very effective, but . . . if you hit the right target, very cost effective.

Cheaper than bombers and aircraft carriers. Couldn't do much aiming, though - just send it east was the plan.

You laugh - except 6 people died when hit with one of these things. Of course, auto accidents probably killed more people that same day.

More here. And here.

Makes you wonder, though, what if these things had carried some biological agent?  

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  1. G Lof7:40 PM

    Yes, they were not very funny. Their intent was to start wild fires that were suppose to divert manpower way from the war efforts. They were not very successful.

    As a Boy Scout in the 60's and 70"s we were to taught to look out for any of these bombs as they were still thought to be dangerous. There were a number of units and balloons found after the war.

    I wonder what would have happen if they used the I300s and I400s to launch balloons closer to the coast, They may have had better luck.