Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Friday, February 28, 2014

Naval Presence That Drones Can't Match: "Russian navy vessel at Crimea's Port of Balaklava"

Okay, for those who have spouted the "drones for presence" line of hooey, tell me how a drone could match this naval presence, as reported by the BBC "Russian navy vessel at Crimea's Port of Balaklava".

For those of you who have forgotten, Crimea is part of the county of Ukraine, not Russia.
Tarantul-III class corvette of the type off Balaklava

UPDATE: More context from a 1993 map:


  1. Unmanned Aircraft Systems, or whatever name you want to apply to them, will certainly play a significant and long-standing role on the global defense stage. That is particularly true of the US. That being said, nothing short of bombs falling on your cities or foreign troops roaming your fields sense a message like someone else's floating steel off your coastline.

  2. Sends, not sense. My morning coffee apparently did not work.

  3. Russia does have treaty rights in Crimea, and Sevastopol is as important to them as Pearl Harbor is to us.

    1. Really? I sorta thought the situation is analogous to the renter of an apartment (very important to him) who decides to take over the entire building because of a management change in the apartment complex.

      If treaty rights are as you suggest, there are lots of places in danger around the world.

    2. G Lof6:12 PM

      Does that not depend on how the apartment management was changed? Was it from a lawful title transfer or was it by some hooligan came in an through the rightful owner out?

      To me this situation is far more complex that most of the US media lets on. I would not be surprised if other outside powers (European) were not involved in the Ukraine.

      I also been doing a what would I do exercise. What would I do if someone set up an armed camp in front of the US capital and demanded Obama resigned?

    3. No, it does not. You don't have an interest in the apartment building. A change of ownership may allow you to revoke your lease and move out, but not to bring all your next door neighbors and friends in and take over the building.

      When is a revolution legitimate?

    4. G Lof3:04 PM

      But if someone steals my neighbors' property, don't we as a society take on the shared responsibility of recovering that stolen property? It does not matter if it is the apartment house I live in and the neighbor is the landlord, if it was still stolen for the owner.

      Revolution is necessary when the government abuses the powers granted it by the people. It is when government goes beyond it set limits, and when no other remedy is left that revolution is required.

      Now my question, is a political dispute over a trade agreement rise too the level of abuse of the people that require revolution?

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