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Wednesday, August 05, 2015

Disaster Prep Wednesday: Odd Stuff

There are people out there who think hard about survival and sometimes have -um- interesting ideas:

Urban Survival Site Unusual Survival Gear
Aluminum Foil – The best thing about foil is you can wrap meat and veggies in it, throw it in a fire, and a few minutes later have a hot meal. It can also be molded into a bowl, cup, funnel, or a pot for boiling water. In addition, it can be used to enhance an antenna, to sharpen scissors, to make sun boxes for small plants, to collect dew from trees, and in the summer it can be put in windows to keep the heat out. But the most important usage: Tin foil hats!
Happy Preppers Weird Survival Tools:
Weird Survival Tool #14. Panty hose.
An old military trick is to wear pantyhose underneath the socks to help avoid friction
and blisters for long hikes. Worn underneath the socks will minimize the friction and
keep chiggars and ticks from reaching your legs. There are many reasons pany hose
can help you:
- prevent blisters and keep you warmer than ordinary socks
- filter water;
- keep your soap clean and dry;
- act as a dust mask;
- improvise a fishing net or other cordage;
- collect berries or otherwise a vessel to help you forage in the wild (generally,
- it's a great carryall, such as for gathering tinder);
- keep chiggers and ticks from reaching your leg (keep away leeches too);
- use also to improvise a mosquito net;
- make a tourniquet or secure a bandage
Outdoor Life Survival Gear: The Weirdest Stuff That Should Be In Your Survival Kits And Bug Out Bag:
Vodka: You’ll get more bang for your buck carrying around a little bottle of hard liquor than a bottle of beer. This can serve as a wee nip you swallow for courage, or as a disinfectant as part of your medical gear.
Emergency Preparedness Tips 7 Unusual and Weird Survival Tools:
2. Dental Floss

We use dental floss for hygienic purpose, but did you know that you can use it for survival? Dental Floss has a lot of uses; here are some different uses of dental floss:
- Fishing Gear
- Tinder
- Making a Snare
- Cutting Food
- Lashing a Knife
There are lots of good ideas out there.

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  1. A fenceing hatchet is a useful beast to have around. It's a hatchet, a hammet and a pry bar, all in one!