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Wednesday, November 04, 2015

Disaster Prep Wednesday: Preparing for Winter

As the calendar rolls over to November, and with The Old Farmer's Almanac predicting colder weather than usual in some areas (see also here), it seems like a good idea to think about getting ready for bad winter weather. Of course, like any old sailor, I am in favor of having a good checklist to help me get ready, and also like other old sailors, I like to steal borrow a checklist from someone else to save me having to work too hard.

So, here's a checklist from the Center for Disease Control found here

Sure, some of things may not apply in your area of the country, but that's the nice thing about a checklist, you can modify it to meet your circumstances. On the other hand, some of the items are universal to any disaster - like having a family communications plan, adequate water and food, and planning for ways to keep warm.

Start now and avoid the rush.

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  1. Interesting that "rock salt is listed under CDC's Food and Safety Checklist category. Potassium chloride is lethal to pets with kidney disease; Sodium or magnesium chloride, if ingested by any.

    "Environmentally friendly" formulations damage concrete, maybe asphalt, are lethal to pets, or "not very effective as deicer".

    But the perrenial problem has been finding any in that short interval after the once-a-year shipment is recieved and before it is sold-out. Now is the time!