Friday, November 06, 2015

Friday Fun Films: "The Wise Little Hen" a/k/a the "The Little Red Hen" and "I, Pencil"

Everyone one wants to share in the profits of hard work, just not in the hard work itself.

Now, if the pig and Donald Duck had something of value to exchange (perhaps even their labor) with the Wise Hen, then a free economic exchange might have resulted. Lord knows she tried to get them involved. Instead, they probably headed off to the government complaining about how the hen was unfairly advantaged and should be taxed on her "excess profits."

As long as we are on economics, here's a video of "I, Pencil"

If you want to read "I, Pencil" the link is here.

Or Milton Friedman does his version:

Yep, world peace.

Oh, and those open lines of commerce, including those sea lines of communication.

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