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Thursday, September 29, 2016

Department of Change for the Sake of Change: "Navy Eliminating 241-Year-Old Rating System in New Enlisted Rank Overhaul"

Apparently the secretariat of the U.S. Navy has solved all the other problems facing the Navy and decided to rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic or, as Sam LaGrone reports, "Navy Eliminating 241-Year-Old Rating System in New Enlisted Rank Overhaul":
Sonar Tech
After more than 200 years, the Navy is making a fundamental change in how it will address its enlisted sailors, according to a notification on the new policy obtained by USNI News.

Starting today, the service will shelve the rating system it adopted from the U.K. Royal Navy, stop referring to sailors by their job titles and adopt a job classification in line with the Army, Marine Corps and the Air Force.

For example, under the new rules The Hunt for Red October character Sonar Technician Second Class Ronald “Jonesy” Jones – ST2 Jones for short – would be Petty Officer Second Class Jones or Petty Officer Jones. Machinist’s Mate First Class Jake Holman – MM1 Holman– from the novel and film The Sand Pebbles would be Petty Officer First Class Holman or Petty Officer Holman.

The change comes as Secretary of the Navy Ray Mabus has pushed the Department of the Navy to create gender-neutral titles for positions like rifleman and motorman.

A service official familiar with the process told USNI News Mabus’ gender-neutral push – examining ratings like Yeoman, Legalman and Damage Controlman – was the genesis of the look by the Navy’s personnel establishment.
Some people leave meaningful change in their wake and other just leave a trail of dumb.

If I had earned my way to be "Sonar Technician Second Class," I think I would prefer not to be confused with - oh, I don't know - a deck ape (and don't get me wrong, I personally enjoyed my time amongst the deck apes) or goodness knows,  a Legalman.


  1. Anonymous8:29 PM

    Non-sense. The U.S. Navy is about controlling the seas, not whether you stand or squat to piddle. Elections have consequences. Trump...Trump...Trump!

    1. No political endorsement is to be implied in the publication of this comment.

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  2. diversity is OK, but diversity at all cost is not beneficial to anyone, performance is still number one. Names are fluid and can be changed to reflect the current interpretation of the idea, just as long as the training and performance measuring criteria is NOT compromised

  3. We tried this in the Royal Navy in the early-mid 90' was very unpopular and by the 2000's had been rescinded, much to the relief of the Fleet, Fleet Air Arm and Submarine Service. A waste of time, effort and money to travel in a big circle. Laughable.