Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, April 06, 2020

U.S. Navy Office of Naval Intelligence Worldwide Threat to Shipping (WTS) for 5 March - 1 April 2020 and HORN OF AFRICA/GULF OF GUINEA/SOUTHEAST ASIA Weekly Piracy Update for 26 March - 1 April 2020

Missing from these reports due to its recency is the saga of the Venezuelan "coast guard" vessel and its unsuccessful encounter with an unarmed, albeit ice hardened, cruise ship as set out here:
A Venezuelan navy coastal patrol boat sank in the Caribbean after allegedly ramming a cruise ship that it had ordered to change direction.

The owners of the Portuguese-flagged RCGS Resolute said the naval vessel Naiguata also fired shots in an "act of aggression in international waters”.

The collision left the cruise ship, which has a reinforced hull for sailing in icy waters, with only minor damage.

Venezuela accused the Resolute of an act of "aggression and piracy".
Also previously addressed here.

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