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Monday, March 07, 2005

More on Singapore Security Ship Riders

ONI's World Wide Threat to Shipping March 2 message has some more details on Singapore's plans for ship riders:(click on date):
the Singapore defense ministry announced the Singapore Navy will
provid armed escorts to guard selected merchant and cruise
liners plying the city-state's busy waters, as part of an effort to
prevent terrorism. The Accompanying Sea Security Teams (ASSET)
scheme will be launched sometime in March. According to the
Strait Times newspaper, up to eight navy personnel capable of
running a commercial vessel in an emergency will board selected
ships that might be threatened because of their cargo. They will
wear bullet-proof vests and carry weapons, but have no powers of
arrest, which will rest with the Police Coast Guard. ONI NOTE:
No hint has been given as to how ships will be selected for
this protection which can only apply to a small minority of
transiting vessels

See my earlier post on this topic.

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