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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

A Random Thought on Terror Bombing in Iraq

We all know by now that 120+ recruits for the Iraqi security forces were killed by a terrorist's car bomb. We also know that the numbers of recruits for these jobs does not seem to be declining. In other words, these bombing are failing in their mission - they are not frightening people from going to enlist to serve their new country.

In fact, I wonder if they may serve to motivate the survivors to more vigorously pursue their training so that they may be in a position to exact revenge on the people who sponsor such bombings, thus making the bombings counter-productive for their intended purpose. I have no special insight into the minds of the young men standing in such lines, but I know where my thoughts would lie.

A second thought relates to the relatively simple steps needed to provide protection from a car bomb for the men who are waiting on line. When will barriers and stop points be installed to ensure the safety of these volunteers?

The Iraqi terrorists, in my view, are going to have a very short run before the Iraqi majority begin to begin whacking back.

Update: Seems that the Iraqi people are in no mood to put up with more terrorism and are taking to the streets, a reported by Power Line here.
In Hillah, site of yesterday's bombing, several thousand Iraqis demonstrated against terrorism, chanting "No to terrorism!" and "No to Baathism and Wahhabism."
It doesn't take too much experience with freedom for a formerly oppressed people to say "never again." And they mean it.

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