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Thursday, May 12, 2005

Yemen coastal risk remains high

Interesting report from theYemen Times
However, this is spread over 1,100 nautical miles of coastline. Hodeidah and Aden are prioritized and are district coast guard bases, whereas the coast guard base at Mukalla is not yet completed and the port is less well protected.

Consequently, the risk of terrorist attack in waters around Mukalla is higher than at the other two ports.

However, despite these security measures, the risk of terrorist attack in the immediate vicinity of Aden or Hodeidah ports is still moderate to high, and Aden has not regained the status of a US Navy refuelling port, lost after the Cole attack.

Indeed, the ability of any coast guard to ensure that determined small craft cannot approach major vessels is limited, particularly outside of the immediate port area, but the coast guard will nevertheless be able to deter some hostile boats with the threat of deadly force.

Waters outside the immediate vicinity of Aden and Hodeidah have little protection, and, far from the mainland, Yemen’s coast guard faces the difficult job of patrolling territorial waters.

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