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Sunday, December 05, 2010

Somali Pirates Capture Bangladeshi Ship Off India

Reported here:
Pirates have hijacked a Bangladesh-flagged ship in the Arabian Sea off the coast of India, Bangladeshi shipping officials said on Sunday.

"The pirates embarked on board after chasing M.V. Jahan Moni in the Arabian Sea on Sunday," a senior official at the Bangladesh Shipping Department (BSD) said.

"We have sought help from anti-piracy teams in Dubai and Singapore, and Indian coast guards," Rear Admiral Bazlur Rahman, head of the shipping department told Reuters, without giving further details.
The 16-crew ship owned by a Bangladeshi shipping firm was heading towards Europe with merchandise from Singapore, the BSD said. No other details about the ship were available immediately.

Ship photo by Les Blair from and used in accord with there terms set out therein.


  1. So the virus is spreading. How nice. It is time to start doing the proper thing, and start killing the pirates. That will soon get the message across, swift punishment, not just fooling around with catch and release.

    Wasn't it you, Eagle, who pointed out a year or so ago, that pirates are latruncuni, Enemies of All Mankind, under traditional International Law, that allows Navies of any concerned power to intercept and hang pirates? I am sure I got that somewhere on a site affiliated with Sal.

    By the way, you should head over to Neptunus Lex, and check out the WITS thread on the second page, now. There is a photo of Sal and a female Lithuanian soldier in the photo slideshow.

  2. Well, my interpretation of the law is different than that you set out- modern law allows those who capture pirates to try them in accord with their own laws - in the case of the U.S., the maximum penalty under law is "life imprisonment," for example.

    The days of hanging pirates are over and date back to a time when hanging was a punishment for many crimes that we do not consider as capital offenses in modern times.

    I have also argued that the pirates out in the small boats are not the main issue - the crime lords behind them are the problem that needs to be solved.

  3. I quite agree about the crime lords. To a great extent, the pirates in the field are part of the problem than needs treating, but the worst part of the infection is the organization that coordinates the activity, and reaps the majority of the profits. The crime lords are indeed enemies of mankind, as they can only survive and thrive in conditions such as prevail in places like Somolia, and the Chicago Democratic Machine. Where keeping your own people in poverty drives them into your arms, as they have no choice for survival. Breaking them is far more important that stopping the guys in the Boston Whalers. If they are eliminated, the pirates will go away, as they will then have other options, and I will even advocate letting most of the current whaler drivers go, as I am not convinced as to thier total volunteerism. But once you start shooting at crews, and holding hostages, then you become a legitimate target.

    While Badgers and Eagles may disagree on meathods, we are after the same ends, and hopefully can remain friends.

  4. D. E. Reddick11:02 PM


    I posted the following over at CGBlog in response to Chuck Hill having posted a link to your recent link about the spread of Somali piracy towards the western coast of India:

    This article relates how pirates threw a captive crewman overboard when their pirated mother ship was being followed by an Indian Navy warship. That may be a new technique for causing any naval or CG vessel to break off pursuit. Also, note how the commentary within the article complements that video provided by Eagle1; i.e., yes indeed – pirates are operating off the western coast of India. The Indian Navy and Coast Guard are described as actively patrolling further out into the Arabian Sea and Indian Ocean along the western coast of India. They appear to realize that there is a real threat within the EEZs surrounding their offshore islands.

    Navy ship rescues Thai national thrown overboard by pirates

  5. Anonymous10:01 PM

    All this bandits should be well punished. Whole world should aware