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Friday, November 07, 2014

Friday Fun Film: Prelude to Veterans Day

On Veterans Day, 11 November, we honor those who serve and have served in the military of the United States.

Thank you, ladies and gentlemen, for your service.

You might recall last year's special pre-Veterans Day celebrations during October 2013:

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  1. Juxtaposition of a 2014 Veteran's Day poster with this particular video was pure genius on two counts: timing and unspoken impact.

    Not only were National Parks rank and file visitors unnecessarily confounded by Washington's political meanness, but aged vets on Honor Flights potentially deprived of once-in-their-lifetime opportunities.

    The political insults may have been returned in kind in outcomes of recent elections.

    Ungrateful voters routed some of the politicians tacitly responsible for abrupt federal closures. Soon, some who tacitly agreed to shut out the public will be shut out of public office space. Their flights from the capitol are the result of voters' rout.

    How can losers and their advisors possibly wonder why?