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Friday, November 14, 2014

Video: Cruisers and Pirates Don't Mix Well

gCaptain has a video up here with commentary.

Seems like an older video that first appeared on YouTube in 2012.

Really not much of mystery - looks like prospective pirates misidentified a potential target and took on the wrong ship. Some of them seemed to have paid a severe price for their error.

Here is the YouTube version:

Don't know the ship, but this is a video shot at night, looks like IR. Camera looks like it might be on an aircraft or perhaps on a ship some distance from the events depicted. It also appears the putative "pirates" fired first.

gCaptain get credit for the Tico class cruiser ID. Doesn't appear the cruiser was going very fast, so it may have been trolling for just such an attack.

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  1. Though it does show the need for stabilization of the smaller guns such as the 25mm and even 50 cal.

    It is surprising hard to hit a moving target from a moving ship. Range is the biggest problem with most of the rounds going too high or too low.