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Friday, February 05, 2016

Friday Fun Films: Introduction to the Anti-Submarine Rocket (ASROC) System (1963) and the ASROC Nuclear Test (1962)

VLA, Lockheed Martin photo
ASROC is still around, albeit morphed into a vertically launched weapon, described by Lockheed Martin as,
The Vertical Launch ASROC (VLA) is the world’s only urgent attack operational anti-submarine warfare weapon for surface ships, providing 360-degree engagement capability, day or night in any weather conditions. The VLA missile system is a three-stage weapon that can deliver either a MK 46 or MK 54 torpedo, making it effective in either open-ocean or littoral waters.

Special hat tip to Jeff Quitney, who has managed to put so many of these classic training films on YouTube.

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