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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Update on "Arrested" "Pirate Hunters" in Mozambique

A previous post, Mozambique: "Pirate Hunters" Arrested, requires an update.

According to GreySide Group Disputes Information Surrounding Personnel Traveling Through Mozambique:
The GreySide Group refutes information contained in recent reports surrounding five of its personnel traveling through Mozambique. The GreySide Group employees were briefly questioned at the Nampula airport; however, there were no weapons present, and after the Mozambique authorities investigated and found no wrongdoing, the personnel were quickly released and granted visas.

"As a security firm operating globally we take every step to ensure all proper licenses are obtained prior to conducting international missions on behalf of our clients. Our highly trained team of professionals were in full compliance with our rigorous procedures, and with applicable international and domestic laws," said Alex Popovic, CEO, GreySide Group.

The GreySide Group team was carrying ammunition legally and in accordance with Directorate of Defense Trade Controls, International Traffic in Arms Regulations and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms.

"We have conducted dozens of transits without a single incident, and currently have numerous teams in the Gulf of Aden protecting commercial ships transiting high risk waters," said Popovic.


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