Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Practicing Retirement

First, let me thank all of you for visiting EagleSpeak!

Over on the "About EagleSpeak" section, I describe myself as being a "mostly retired."

The past few days I have been working more on the "retired" than the "mostly."

I'm already finding myself doing more reading and doing more research down those rabbit trails I never had time to explore before.

I am doing volunteer work for the Red Cross. You meet some nice people in the volunteer world with interesting life stories.

This blog will continue - perhaps with the long-promised return of "Sunday Ship History" and with some field research. After a couple of days off from blogging, my "need to blog" sense (akin to "Spidey-sense") still begins to ping.

There is this 1968 MGB sitting in my garage that belongs to my younger son. My work on it to date has been sporadic. It is time to work to get it ready for his college graduation next Spring. Maybe if it turns out well, I can get one of my own.

Our old house needs work. Lots of work. Time to get to it.

If the right hugely paying gig pops up, well, I might just, under the right conditions, go back to the "mostly." By the same token, if I win the great big lottery, there will be no "mostly" involved.

So, no great revelations here, just wanted to say thanks for dropping by.


  1. You are welcome, and thanks for being here! Don't be going away anytime soon.

  2. Anonymous8:54 PM

    CAPT: keep listening to that spidey sense; always look forward to your posts!


  3. enjoy your time away and hope you find some more time to keep up so well informed. One does NOT have to do that on a frequent basis allowing one the time for OTHER endeavors, like That Old House or That nifty sports car, etc

  4. Sounds like you're kinda enjoying that retirement! I always look forward to your posts, and definitely hope that Sunday Ship History makes another appearance!