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Monday, December 02, 2013

Cheapening the Discussion of Corvettes (ships not cars)

CIMSEC asked for it, and I gave it to them "Cheaper Corvettes: COOP and STUFT like that"
U.S. Navy test missile firing drone
It occurs to me that we need to take the thinking that developed the WWII escort aircraft carrier (CVE) and model it down to a ship that is a “drone” carrier (and by “drone” I mean unmanned vessels of any type- surface, subsurface and aerial) – like the LCS only in the smaller economy version.

After all, if the real weapons systems toted by the LCS are its drones, then virtually any vessel capable of lowering said drones into the water or into the air and hosting their command and control system can be a “drone carrier,” too. Such a ship becomes a “mother ship” for the drones.
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  1. Anonymous9:17 PM

    The age old battle against thrift, progress, and efficiency is against the procurement bureaucracy, aided (with absolutely no doubt in my ex-military mind) by regulations enthusiastically supported by major establishment defense contractors.