Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Disaster Prep Wednesday: Christmas Love and Gifting Car Disaster Kits

Looking for that last minute Christmas gift that says "I love you!" and yet isn't another useless trinket?

How about a disaster kit for the car? Yes, it's not sexy but . . . nothing says "I care" more.

For the car - well, if you want a completely insane list (very ,very complete) there is this.

For the rest of us, we need a kit tailored to our primary driving location and our driving plans. By "plan" I mean that if you intend to drive into the remote corners of Nebraska or Wyoming or driving the "loneliest road in America" in Nevada in the dead of winter or tour the great American deserts in the summer, you might want to pack a kit that will help you survive a problem 200 miles from nowhere.

On the other hand, if you are driving local roads you may need something - uh - less. So, if I may,
here's my list of things I like to see in a car or car trunk:
  1. Cell phone and charger
  2. Jumper cables
  3. Mechanics gloves
  4. Space blanket
  5. Poncho
  6.  First aid kit
  7. Multi-tool
  8. Duct tape
  9. Spare tire, lug wrench and a little board to put under the jack
  10. Kitty litter
  11. A quart of oil
  12. Extra engine coolant
  13. An LED lantern and a couple of LED headlamps with extra batteries
  14. A roadside reflector
  15. A couple of reflective safety vests
  16. 4 pints of drinking water
  17. A few zip lock baggies (gallon size)
  18. About 6 tie wraps/cable ties
  19. About 10 feet of plastic sheeting
  20. Some plastic garbage bags
  21. Ice scraper
  22. A roll of paper towels
All of that should fit nicely into one of those plastic milk carton things.My estimated cost for al the stuff (except the phone) is under $130. You could probably do it for less.

It's not a diamond necklace, but if things get rough for your loved one, this stuff may help them more than a piece of jewelry.

Wrap it up nicely. Give it with love.

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  1. Anonymous2:07 AM

    SCOTT the BADGER here:Up here in the North, ( I am in Wisconsin ), be sure and check the water, and it is a good idea to take the water in when the car is not being used. Some food would also be a good idea. Chemical hand warmers are always a good idea, too, and, a Sterno fueled camping stove, to melt water with, in necessary. Don't forget Kleenex/TP, as you may be there awhile. A small snow shovel, to keep the exhaust outlet free of snow, if you are snowed in is also a must.

    Remember to file a 'flight plan" with those you are on your way to, if you are going out in questionable weather, and maybe call them every now and then along the way, so if a search must be sent out, at least the State Patrol and the Sheriff's Office will know where to start looking.

    Make sure that you have proper jumper cables, not the $5.00 cheapies from the Dollar store. In my car, "Vlad the Impala", I carry 20 foot jumpers made from battery cable. A bright colored peice of cloth to tie to the antenna can keep you from being shoved into the ditch by a plow, if you get snowed in, and drifted over.