Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Thursday, December 05, 2013

Iran: Accidental Truth and More

Iran's Self-Proclaimed Helicopter Carrier (Room for 2)
Best headline of the day from Iran's Fars News "Iran’s Naval Presence in High Seas No Threat to Any Country". Truer words are hard to come by, especially from Iran's media.

 Too bad the chief of their Navy didn't say exactly that. What he said was,
“While the Navy’s measures in the region enjoy a full deterrent and repelling power against threats, they are in line with maintaining regional security and pose no threat to the friendly states,” Sayyari said, addressing the foreign military attachés in Tehran on Tuesday.
I added the emphasis. As far I can tell, the definition of a "friendly" state was not given, but I assume North Korea is safe.

During the same speech, Rear Admiral Sayyari also indicated a planned transit of Iranian ships through the Mediterranean into the Atlantic. If they stay close to the shore, they ought to be able to use radar navigation the whole long way.

As the crow flies, it's about 3200 nautical miles from Bandar Abbas to Gibraltar. Ships are not crows, though, so it is somewhat longer sea voyage.

By way of reference, it's about 2200 nautical miles (as the crow flies) from San Diego to Honolulu and there are no stops along the way.

Yes, baby steps to world domination, I know.

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