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Tuesday, December 03, 2013

North Korea: Power Struggle at the Top

The Current Kim-in-Charge of the NORKS
It could be the sign of a long winter in North Korea, as  the wooly caterpillar heads begin to roll including Kim Jong-un's uncle, as reported by the BBC in "North Korea powerbroker 'dismissed'":
A powerful uncle of North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has been removed from his post, South Korean media reports say.

Citing South Korea's intelligence agency, they say Chang Song-thaek, 67, lost his position as vice-chairman of the North's top military body.

Two close aides were also executed for corruption, according to the reports.
The NORK management style seems to allow the leader to point the finger at everyone else for the failures and failings of major domestic and international issues.

The current Kim-in-Power wants to be make sure he is the "Un and only."

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  1. The current Kim-in-Power wants to be make sure he is the "Un and only."

    In my humble estimation, the current Kim-in-Power may be the Un way before he times out due to natural death. Unlike his predecessors, this Kim is demonstrably more dissolute. Executions are easy for NORK leaders to arrange, and no doubt he had been advised that is the route to keep himself in power.

    History tells those who read it, however, that executions also instill would-be leaders with revolutionary ideas.