Friday, March 07, 2014

U.S. Response to Putin: Clowns to the Left, Jokers to the Right

You may have read my suggested response to Russia's Putin in the Ukraine Russia in the Ukraine: 90 day eviction notice, but if you missed The DiploMad 2.0: Cage Fighter vs. Pajama Boy; Putin Confronts the West, then you need to head over there right now:
Let's just say that we have on our hands a New Old Russia. Blah, blah, wishes, and pink unicorns will not cut it. On paper, Russia is not strong compared to the West. The West should be able to handle Russia relatively easily. Russia, however, has one big advantage. Russia has leadership, a determined leadership not afraid to make decisions and act. That compensates for several orders of economic and technological inferiority. The West has, well, you know what the West has, and it ain't good.
My emphasis. Somehow I don't think the Diplomad feels all warm and fuzzy about the West's "leaders."

Let's go over some suggestions:
  1. Work to make sure Western Europe has alternatives to Russian natural gas. This would include exports of LNG from the U.S., restarting nuclear power plants, get fracking going in Poland and other locales where it might be profitiable.
  2.  Put some real U.S. forces (101 and 82 Airborne) on the continent. Call it an "exercise" if you want. Have them "visit" NATO countries bordering Ukraine.
  3.  Put a frigging ESG group in the Eastern Med, fully loaded. 
  4. Dig up those "useless" A-10's and conduct an exercise with, oh, say Romania. 
  5. Grow a pair.
And get over the vapors.

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