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Wednesday, October 07, 2015

Back to the Mostly Cold War? "Russian 'Arc Of Steel' From Arctic To Med" to Replace Rusted Out "Iron Curtain?"

Interesting read in the Navy Times US: Russia Building 'Arc Of Steel' From Arctic To Med
Ferguson described Russian activity on multiple fronts — reactivating Cold War military bases in the Arctic, reviving capabilities in the Baltic, and the recent deployment of ground, air and sea forces to Syria.

"This remilitarization of Russian security policy is evident by the construction of an arc of steel from the Arctic to the Mediterranean," Ferguson said. "Starting in their new Arctic bases, to Leningrad in the Baltic and Crimea in the Black Sea, Russia has introduced advanced air defense, cruise missile systems and new platforms.

"It is also building the capability to project power in the maritime domain. Their base in Syria now gives them the opportunity to do so in the Eastern Mediterranean.

"This is a sea denial strategy focused on NATO maritime forces. Their intent is to have the ability to hold at risk the maritime forces operating in these areas and thus deter NATO operations."

On land Russia could confront Black Sea countries, Ukraine, Poland and the Baltic nations of Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia. The sea frontiers form flanking areas that would support operations on the ground.
I think, when former Secretary of State Clinton had that idiotic "reset" button, the Russians took a different meaning (and perhaps the one set out in the mis-translated item) out of it.

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  1. Interesting. That isn't even a reset button, that is an Emergency Stop button, for a machine tool.