Tuesday, August 09, 2016

Returning from Vacation

I don't know about you, but to me the worst working day of the year is the day you get back from vacation. So many things to catch up with. So many things people seem to think you ought to care about . . .

Meanwhile, in your mind there is that simple place in the woods where those "big city" daily cares seem to vanish as the sun and stars appear and disappear as the the earth revolves without any demand input from us. Birds, bees, cows and playing in the stream . . . fog and rain in the mountains as a backdrop. Twenty degrees cooler up there, too. Wondering about the toughness of our ancestors and their quality of life in those days gone by.

Of course, pining for the "olden days" ignores the modern miracles that keep most of us alive and healthy.

Still, there is something about a rocking chair on the front porch that calls to me.

There is that Keith Urban/Monty Powell song "Days Go By,"

Days go by
I can feel 'em flying
Like a hand out the window in the wind as the cars go by
It's all we've been given
So you better start livin' right now
'Cause days go by

So, how are you spending your days?

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