Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Early Voted. Came home and washed my hands. Wished I could wash my brain.

So, here's what the blank ballot looked like for the "presidential" choices:

Sometimes there is no "least bad choice."

I wrote in a name in the space provided.

If I wasted my vote on in write-in, at least I kept my faith with my fellow citizens.

Came home and washed my hands to rid myself of the stink of the major party candidates.

But the horror remains.

We cannot do this to ourselves again.

There are good and honorable people out there. We must support them.


  1. Anonymous3:01 PM

    Agree the choices are awful. I told my daughter last night that this election is one of finding the candidate that does the least damage to the country. There is no upside things will be a lot better in 4 years with a candidate. My advice is that each person has to decided who does the least damage and I am not debating anybody on that, each candidate has incredible flaws. I am just hoping we can keep the decline to a minimum.

  2. Anonymous7:37 PM

    Your vote was to elect HRC. Hold your head high and proudly claim that you are the chief blogger of the the Forlorn Hope Brigade. I always knew officers were idiots.

    1. I make no claims of being the chief blogger of anything . . . just that when faced with a choice between two people neither of whom I believe should be POTUS, I voted with my conscience. No matter who wins this election, I will consider it a loss for our country. You opinion may vary, as does my opinion of your opinion.

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    1. I don't know what kool-aid you have been drinking, but it seems to me that you keep missing the point here - the key to getting control of the government back lies in electing strong people who will not support the SJWs you fear will be on the Supreme Court. And who will stand for gaining control of access to this country. Frankly, if Congress would do its job there would be no need for this discussion.

      That fact that I find what I think is your preferred candidate to be a pathological narcissist I wouldn't trust to take out the garbage will not impress you as besotted of him as you are.

      I would note, however, that your attack mode on people who do not share your feelings for your preferred candidate is not very productive. And, while I may very well be the "f***ing idiot" you believe me to be, I was smart enough to cast the down ballot votes for people who I believe are going to attempt to end the thwarting of the Constitution as it was written.

      As for why your post was removed - you might check the rules of engagement under "About EagleSpeak"

    2. " Frankly, if Congress would do its job there would be no need for this discussion."

      Proven lacking in both nerv will and ability. Is it because our side is weak, is it because they are stupid, or is it because they are actually playing both sides against the middle the fact is they are proven lacking and risking your future on proven failure is well....

      "pathological narcissist " even if true so what. Can you name one thing that Trump may do that can make the myriad of very likely things Hillary will do? Please enlighten me.

      - I would note that me and millions, hell a majority fo the republican base is besides ourselves with our leadership and their supporters. Not very productive is denying that grass roots majority of your own party the same thing you have asked of them Dole, McCain, Romney. Not productive is not only selling your nation down the tubes to your enemy to sleep with your morals is to destroy your parties ability to win any political office again. The majority of the base chose Trump right or wrong if we lose me and millions like me will never vote repub again. That my friend is called suicide by all counts.

      Why was I removed, fine I get it I came in hot no worries. I was taken aback didn't expect such from ya, thought you had more sack than that. Understood he was not your perfect but did expect you to do your part for your party and your nation.

    3. It was a tough call for me. I just couldn't mark his box when the most compelling argument made for Mr. Trump was that he'd be easier to impeach than the other. I get the frustration and am mired in it myself - and agree that the R I've almost always voted may see a change - but the new party needs to be carefully thought out so that it can't be hijacked as it has been.

  4. Anonymous5:00 PM

    I, too, fear that your vote may help to elect Her Marxist Filthiness. However, that said, everyone must do what s/he thinks best.

    Paul L. Quandt

  5. If either Trump or HRC wins by just one vote, I'll be surprised. If, on the other hand, they end up tied, and it gets to the next phase, I'll feel great.

    1. Anonymous10:18 PM

      Well, of course, the popular vote means little. It's as much where one votes as for whom one votes.