Small Boy Put to Good Use

Small Boy Put to Good Use

Thursday, February 03, 2005

North Korea Soccer Plays to Tie with Kuwait in Beijing (Shh!) In Secret

Hindustan Times says, in a really odd article, that North Korea, Kuwait draw 0-0 in secretive warm-up game. A really odd game, too.
North Korea has drawn intense interest from Japanese media ahead of its clash with Japan in a World Cup qualifying match on February 9 in Saitama.

It has been training in secret in southern China's Hainan island since mid-January.

According to South Korean media, the Norths team have donned disguises in Beijing while guards man the entrance to their practice sessions.

The Saitama match is set to be a politically-charged affair as the rival nations try to overcome angry disputes over North Korean kidnappings of Japanese nationals and Japan's long-term occupation of the Korean peninsula last century.
Can the DPRK get any more isolated?

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