Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Oh, the horror!

Army -er - everyone (except John of Argghhh!)- making fun of Navy. (Update5: before I was "corrected" by John of Argghhh! this read "Army making fun of Navy" - hence John's righteous indignation. I later modified it to mollify - uh - reflect reality.)

Update4: If you are an Army person and if you are mocking USS Jimmy Carter then I'll match USS Jimmy Carter for performance to design against however many "air not transportable" Strykers you've got...

Update: And, no, I am not a submariner.

Update2: John of Argghhh! accuses me, correctly, of shooting the messenger. Oops. He suggests redirecting fire to Speed of Thought -but SOT has just collected the wit and wisdom of the blog world. Sigh.

Update3: The more I read, the deeper my malaise.

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