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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

Business Security Issues

Contingency Planning Magazine posts IBM business security threat concerns:

IBM has published the results from its 2004 Global Business Security Index Report and provided an overview of the potential 2005 security threat profile...
Potential trends in 2005 include:
- Mobile devices - mobile devices such as PDAs and cell phones are the new frontier for viruses, spam and other potential security threats...
- Identity theft...
- Malware - malicious software (known as malware) writers are getting smarter and are employing basic software development practices to spread destructive software.
- Instant messaging - Botnets will likely move to instant messaging networks for command and control of infected systems.
- VoIP - there will likely be an increase in the disruption of VoIP networks... In particular, eavesdropping and denial of service attacks carried out remotely against VoIP networks could provide significant damage for enterprise organisations.
For more information visit IBM Security.

With all the useful new technology, it's hard to grasp the idea that so many people are devoting their energy to wrecking it and diverting it to their own nefarious schemes.

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