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Wednesday, February 16, 2005


Just because the Middle East Newsline announced it yesterday, doesn't make it new news.
Iran and Syria have acquired the missile capability to target U.S. interests in the Middle East.

A senior U.S. official said Iran and Syria have developed ballistic missiles that can destroy U.S. targets in Iraq as well as in nations aligned with Washington. The official said both countries have received significant assistance from North Korea, which has sought to sell complete missile systems to the Middle East.

"Iran and Syria can currently reach the territory of U.S. friends and allies with their ballistic missiles," Assistant Secretary of State for Arms Control Stephen Rademaker said..."

In Mullah Mischief I laid out a crude map of the range of the Iranian missiles- you might notice that my "missile box" includes NATO ally Turkey, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Israel, and, as they say, a whole lot more.

One question to ask: How many missiles do Iran and Syria have?

According to Global Security
As of 2003 Syria had a combined total of several hundred Scud and SS-21 SRBMs [short-range ballistic missiles], and is believed to have chemical warheads available for a portion of its Scud missile force. Syria's missiles are mobile and can reach much of Israel from positions near their peacetime garrisons and portions of Iraq, Jordan, and Turkey from launch sites well within the country.
Global Security also has an Iran missile inventory that makes for interesting reading. I suggest clicking on the maps to see how the North Koreans are spreading the danger zones. Frankly, it is beyond my understanding why the Europeans are not screaming that something be done to control the DPRK.

For some additional info on North Korea missiles, go here.

Hat tip: Whizbang. Snarky quote from Whizbang: "There is no axis of evil, of course, that was just Bush hate-mongering." Heh.

Update: The gremlins were busy - fixed a lot ot typos and other glitches.

Update2: Just in time, North Korea has developed an extended range SCUD - the ER as North Korea zone reports here. Things just get better and better in the axis world.

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