Monday, February 21, 2005

Attack at Aussie Airport? or just paranoia?

Terrorism Unveiled reports on a possible Attack at Aussie Airport?.

CNN report: here

Yahoo News: here

South African News: here

Latest AFP report: here.
We're trying to move as many people as we can tonight," Amanda Bolger said.

While some kind of toxic gas was the main suspect in the incident, the exact cause of the contamination remained a mystery.

"The source has not been located or identified," a Melbourne fire brigade spokesman said Monday night. "All (chemical detection) readings are showing zero."

He said firefighters had spent the day testing everything they could, but found nothing. "Unfortunately, whatever it was has now dissipated," he said.

Well, there are a lot of strange things in world that can cause illness, but it is probably a good idea to treat them all like terrorism...

(Hat tip:Ranting Profs)

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