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Good Company
Good Company

Saturday, February 12, 2005

McAwful's Awful Send Off

National Review's Byron York's reportage on the ghastly farewell to the money-raising but campaign losing and irksome Terry McAuliffe by the Dems.

Reminds me of a funeral in a small town in Wyoming that had a tradition that no burial ceremony could end unless someone said something good about the deceased. When the meanest man in town died, everyone showed up for the funeral, but no one could think of anything nice to say. As the day wore on and the ranchers needed to get back to their duties, the silence was finally broken by an old cowboy who said, "Sometimes he wasn't as bad as he was the rest of the time." And they all agreed that was enough to end the service.

That's about all the Dems had to say here, too. Good riddance.

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