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Monday, January 22, 2007

Piracy attacks down in 2006

Reported as Global pirate attacks in 2006 dip to lowest in 8 years:
Indonesia remained the world's hottest piracy hotspot with 50 attacks last year, but this was a marked improvement from 79 cases in 2005, the IMB report said.

But the situation has deteriorated in Bangladesh as cases of sea attacks more than doubled to 47 last year, the IMB said. Chittagong port, where most of the cases occurred, has been listed as the world's most dangerous port, it said.

Nigeria has 12 pirate attacks, the third highest, it said. Last year, 49 people, mostly foreign oil workers, were kidnapped and three killed, the report said.

Attacks in the busy Malacca Strait, which carries half the world's oil and more than a third of its commerce, have been on the decline since July 2005 with 11 cases last year, it said but warned ships to maintain a strict watch when transiting the waterway.

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