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Monday, January 22, 2007

Sri Lanka government reports Tamil "Sea Tigers" attack humanitarian ship in port

Set out here:
02 CLUSTERS OF SEA TIGER BOATS today (21) attacked the ship "CITY OF LIVERPOOL" around 3.45 p.m. while unloading foodstuffs at POINT PEDRO harbour.

The Navy immediately came to the assistance of the besieged ship and in the ensuing confrontation in the South East of the POINT PEDRO sea, two suicide LTTE boats have been completely destroyed.

Naval troops had observed 15-20 sea tiger boats sailing from VETTALAIKERNI to POINT PEDRO. The Naval troops reached the sea tiger boats while, at the same time the anchor was released and the ship sailed towards KANKESANTHURAI, when 5-6 sea tiger boats began to pursue the ship. Then, the naval crew of the ship fired at the sea tiger boats. One boat was destroyed when the crew of ship "CITY OF LIVERPOOL" fired at the cluster of boats. The hull of the ship had been damaged slightly in the blast of the suicide boat.

Two sea tiger boats had been destroyed by the naval attack.

The naval troops on security on board the ship had fired at the sea tiger boats and one was destroyed completely, making the total of boats to 03.
Photo of ship is believed to be that of "City of Liverpool." Earlier post on "sea tigers" here.

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