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Monday, November 23, 2009

Somalia Pirates: A Defense?

Found as The Somali Pirates have the right to Hijack Foreign vessels:
The highest ranking officer in the Somali naval force Admiral Farah Omar Qare, has said in a press conference on Sunday that the foreign war ships stationed over the Somali waters are pretending to be watching over the Pirates who are intending to Hijack the foreign Vessels, but are in mass collecting the Somali sea resources.

“We have been closely following what actually is the so called NATO troops are doing over the Somali waters, and the result we have got out of our assessment is that they are collecting the Somali sea resource in mass, and not scaring off the Pirates, in the first place we clearly know what has forced the Somali pirates to involving themselves in hijacking of foreign vessels while they were ordinary fishermen is because there were armed foreign troops, who used to chase them off cut their fishing nets into pieces, and eventually the fisherman came together and discussed hard about the issue and armed themselves, and after having seen that this is more benefiting than what they have been doing they have left out their nets and fishing boats on the shore and instead came into the sea with Russian made Kalashnikov Assault rifle, and rocket propel grenade, in which they have hijacked more than 100 ships since mission started” said the Admiral Farah Omar Qare the Somali naval commander in a press conference.

The Admiral has urged the international community not to complain about the activities of the Pirates, but should also focus about what the forging vessels are doing in the Somali waters.
We've heard this justification before, see here, here (and here, here). Would it be okay to protect the 200 mile EEZ? Sure and some consideration should be given to helping the Somalis set up a fisheries patrol and a means to protect their waters from illegal dumping.

Attacking ships 300 and more miles at sea? Piracy.

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