Saturday, April 11, 2015

Saturday Is Heinlein Quote Day #51

From The Number of the Beast
I’m not sure what purpose Russian fiction has, but it can’t be entertainment.
By the way, this particular Heinlein book is not very good either.


  1. "this particular Heinlein book is not very good either", referring to "The Number of the Beast".

    I'll grant you; not his best work. The problem is that the premise undercuts the basis of fiction. Every conceivable fictional work exists as an alternate reality, and the Gay Deceiver can access them ALL. Whatever problem you have, there's a solution SOMEWHEN. Need an incredibly strong, unbreakable wire? Go to a Niven universe and bring home some Sinclair Monofilament. Communications problem? Go borrow a Lensman.

  2. I remember buying that book as a teenager with great anticipation (having read all of his other books and now I got a chance to read a new one!).

    The story started off okay but then wandered off the reservation into a morass of conflicting ideas...no central storyline to tie it all together.

    But I have always remembered his discussion about the idea that people could personally select where their taxes would be used when they paid for them. I would give anything if I could do that now...