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Friday, April 15, 2016

Friday Film: Handling Top Secret and Other Classified Material "Memorandum on Security"

How it was in the 1960's and why - when the less complex paper issues prevailed. These now have been swamped by the electronic storage of much classified material - systems surprising easily defeated by people who should know better. For example, having aides stripping classification from classified email and sending it to you to be kept on an unsecured server.

When you think you and your friends believe you are the smartest people in any room, simple security concerns may seem a bothersome triviality until . . .

In light of recent events, it might be useful to remind people of the Department of the Navy "Security Executive" with its remarkably boring mission statement:
"We will lead the Department of the Navy (DON) Security Enterprise to develop collaboratively and issue effective security policy; ensure comprehensive oversight of policy compliance; oversee and advocate for DON resourcing of the DON Security Enterprise; and promote cross-functional and enterprise-wide security integration."

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  1. just dont loose any classified materials...your career is over.