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Tuesday, April 26, 2016

North Koreans Pointlessly Launch a Missile from a Submerged Ship

Much to the relief of the captain and crew of a North Korean submarine, "North Korea Test-Fires a Submarine-Launched Ballistic Missile". The NORK submarine which appears have a single missile tube didn't sink during the evolution which makes if a "win, win" for the crew as the latest Kim-in-Charge was observing the process and leading cheers or something.
North Korea just staged a second test of its submarine-launched ballistic missile. According to North Korean state media, the April 23 test was observed by ruler Kim Jong-un himself. The launch was conducted from North Korea's only ballistic missile submarine, Gorae ("Whale"), while submerged off the country's east coast. The underwater launch itself appears to have been a success, but the missile crashed shortly afterward into the Sea of Japan.

The missile, known as Pukkuksong-1 ("Polar Star"), is based on the obsolete Cold War-era R-27 ballistic missile. Kim Jong-un says the test means North Korea is "now capable of hitting the heads of the south (sic) Korean puppet forces and the US imperialists anytime as it pleases."

So here's a open letter to the Loathsome One:

Dear Current Kim-in-Charge:
For the last 66 years or so, the "US imperialists" could, at anytime as it pleases them, hit you and yours in the in the head, to borrow your phrase.

The fact that they haven't shows a great deal of patience on their part, especially in light of the provocations you continue to provide.

In fact, I'm pretty sure those "Korean puppet forces" also have forgone many opportunities to turn you and the other Kims-in-Charge into some sort of pasty goo on the floor. 


Because they, unlike your hell-hole  dump of a country, are part of a civilized world to which you will never belong.

Now, here's why your missile launched from a sub is a pointless exercise: Should you ever use such a missile in anger, you will shortly thereafter be a dead former Kim-in-Charge.

Just saying.

Your implacable enemy,

And here's a wonderful video of the great launch, with the most irritating announcer ever: (the real action starts at about 2:58)

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