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Saturday, February 05, 2005

A Call to Arms: "hey hey, ho ho, CNN has got to go!"

Okay- I hardly ever even visit CNN anymore, let alone use them as a source for this blog, but Eason Jordan did manage to push my buttons, so I ask you to follow Bill Roggio and cease using CNN as a source or link:
I am requesting all bloggers who are unhappy with Mr. Jordan’s statements and CNN’s reply to remove CNN from your news source links and halt citing CNN as a source of news. If you wish, please link to this post to let your readers be aware of the effort to convince CNN of making Mr. Jordan’s statements public. This would also help me organize the effort as no doubt there are readers out there experienced in conducting these activities.
It is very disturbing to have Mr. Eason apparently contending that the U.S. military is "targeting" media members on a couple of grounds -(1) it just plain wrong and very stupid and (2) if it were true, there would be many fewer media people around (our aim is pretty good). The CNN explanation has been the usual "taken out of context" stuff followed by some other nonsense.

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