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Tuesday, February 01, 2005

The Election in Iraq

Despite the Nay-Sayers and the "US is Wrong" crowd, the Iraqi people managed to act more mature than, say, Senators Kennedy, Kerry, Reid, Boxer, et al and have an election. Further, unlike US democrats, the Iraqis seem to grasp the responsibilities of voting
The purple-finger brigade made their lack of sympathy clear:

"We carried our father three hours to get him to the polls," said Muthana Jaffar al-Tamimi, 30, a grocery store clerk and art school graduate in Baghdad's middle-class Shi'ite neighborhood of Karada. The Sunni Arabs "could have made the process successful themselves," he said. "They could have gotten involved, but they didn't. We decided our destiny. They decided theirs." He added, "It's their problem."
Taking responsibility for voting ot not? How unusual...

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