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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Gasp- Liberalism at NPR

Mickey Kraus notices a return of- gasp- liberalism at NPR:
Here's how NPR's All Things Considered covered President Bush's proposed cuts in Community Development Block Grants--by lobbing softballs to a CDBG supporter! No opposing view. ... This is not just liberal, but dumb liberal--NPR could easily have found a Democrat, maybe even an old Democrat, who believed CDBGs are an ineffective antipoverty program. (Basically they are slush funds for local politicians, who too often sluice the federal money to their developer friends to build ugly downtown hotels.) ... On the other hand, it was good to hear the NPR anchors happy in their blatantly biased work again after the forced Bataan-like march of the Bush inaugural/Iraq elections/State of the Union. ...

Of course, we disagree on the last sentence. But, then again, he's a liberal...

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