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Friday, February 04, 2005

Make Voting Harder

Captain Ed has a post on whining Democrats (there used to be another kind) and their complaints about how making voters show picture ID might disenfranchise some voters. Boo hooh.

I say we need to make it harder to vote, not easier. Why should the the great privilege of citizenship be made so easy? Not only would I demand a photo id and a finger dipped in ink, I would require voters to pre-register (no same day voting) and a regular purge of voter roles to eliminate the dead. I would require voter registration to be ceremony akin to high school graduation, and make voters watch videos or lectures on wonders of voting. I would provide registrants with a great voter id card and a certificate suitable for framing. I would warn them of the dangers of not voting and the risks of blindly voting on party lines. I would encourage a sense of pride in voting and stress what a rare honor it is. I would not allow stupid slogans ("Vote or Die") to be part of my training plan. I would insist that every would-be voter fill in a sample ballot and instruct them if they couldn't do it right.

If you escort voters to the polls, you would have to be registered with the state and a neutral 3rd party would accompany voters into the booth if they need assistance.

I would make voting a very big deal and a passage into adulthood.

We don't let inexperienced and untrained drivers on the road, why do we trust our most precious right to unidentified, poorly qualified citizens. No more "motor voter" -- make it a big deal to register to vote and make it a big deal when you exercise that right.

No poll taxes, no fake "qualification" tests. Just make sure the voter is who he or she says he or she is.

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