Thursday, January 24, 2008

Iraqi Boy Scouts get a "Good Deed" done for them

Reported here:
DHL has announced it is working with the Pacific Skyline Council, Boy Scouts of America to help raise funds for the youth of Iraq. As part of this effort, DHL will be shipping 2.5 tons of popcorn to Iraq, which will be used to raise funds for the Iraqi Scouting initiative. Iraq’s youth scouting program reemerged in 2004 through the efforts of the Green Zone Council, a volunteer group of U.S. civilian and military personnel in Iraq. Scouting promotes respect for others and the environment, diversity of cultures, goal setting, competence and confidence building and leadership skills. With the support of local scouting organizations and businesses in the U.S., the Iraqi scouting program has grown to 150,000 members, which includes Boy Scouts as well as Girl Guides, the equivalent of Girl Scouts in the U.S. DHL is donating its shipping services to transport 2.5 tons of Trail’s End popcorn to the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad, Iraq. A long-lived fundraising tradition within scouting, the sale of the popcorn will generate as much as $25,000 for the purchase of much needed supplies for youth scouting activities across Iraq.

More on some projects for Iraqi Scouts here at the Spirit of America site, from whence the picture of the Iraqi Scouts saluting comes.

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