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Good Company
Good Company

Monday, January 21, 2008

Monday Reading -also good for the whole week!

Fred has a lot of stuff over at Fred Fry International: Maritime Monday 94, but my Monday favorite is some beer logic apparently being applied to the centerpiece of an inflatable pool...God must love fools and drunks...

And Xformed has a nice write up about CDR Dealy here, for those of you who might be interested in a non-Bill Clinton down the throat shot...

Lex has a nice bit on why it pays to be neighborly.

Salamander updates Stolen Valor. And, yes, kids, it has been interesting to see the "crazed Irag/Afghan vet" rise up to replace the old (very old) crazed Vietnam vet" canard. Do not go gentle...UPDATE: Iowahawk looks at troubled vets, showing a mastery of small sample research just like the NYT. See also here. I personally have heard there is a high divorce rate among his veteran sample. UPDATE2: Spook86 hops on, too, here.

Chap sends us off to a -egad- "liberal" group think site and points to a comment from a LTC Bateman responding to some a$$hat dubbed MQ that rivals Kipling's poem about Tommy Atkins...

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