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Monday, August 15, 2011

Battle for the Solomons: Episode 84 James D. Hornfischer Interview 08/14 by Midrats

For the past few days, I have put up a couple of posts honoring the 69th anniversary of the beginning of the first U.S. offensive in the Pacific, the Battle of the Solomons. This action began with the invasion of the island of Guadalcanal. The battle on the island, which was ferocious, was only part of the story, as the U.S. Navy began to shake out its leadership and its war fighting skills in a series of sea engagements in which luck, preparation, communication and all the other stuff of war came into play.

In a gripping history, Neptune's Inferno:: The U.S. Navy at Guadalcanal, author James D. Horfischer takes on this tale of the South Pacific and captures the decisions (and indecisions) of command at sea and the sometime horrible choices that go along with that command.

We were pleased that Mr. Hornfischer joined us on Midrats to discuss this book and related matters. You can listen to the show at:

Episode 84 James D. Hornfischer Interview 08/14 by Midrats | Blog Talk Radio

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  1. I was so anticipating listening live but life got in the way.
    Finally got a chance to listen this morning and found the interview to be not only informative, but enjoyable and entertaining.
    Thank you!