Landing the Big One

Landing the Big One

Thursday, August 04, 2011

Happy Birthday, Coast Guard!

U.S. Coast Guard Celebrating 221 years of service :

On August 4, 1790, President George Washington put pen to paper and created the Revenue Cutter Service. That service of “a few armed vessels, judiciously stationed at the entrances of our ports, might at a small expense be made useful sentinels of the laws” has grown into America’s maritime first responder. For 221 years, the United States Coast Guard has protected Americans on the sea, protected America from threats delivered by sea and protected the sea itself.

As the only military service with the ability to enforce laws within our borders and the only law enforcement agency authorized to enforce them outside our borders, the Coast Guard has evolved from its early beginnings but perhaps never so much as it has over the past decade. As America prepares to recognize the 10th anniversary of the September 11 attacks, Coast Guard men and women are deployed throughout the world sharing their expertise in border protection, drug interdiction and counter-terrorism with our allies while their Shipmates stand a taut watch protecting the homeland.
Well, however they got to it, thanks for being there, Coasties!


  1. Overworked and under-resourced, it's a constant source of amazement to me how well they do with what they've got available.

  2. that is really good post showing the extremes of the USCG's capabilities.

    They are Our Nation's Maritime First Responders (although the Marines might disagree~)

  3. Anonymous1:04 PM

    That me holding the Haitian girl where did you get that pic?

  4. Anonymous2:50 PM

    Happy birthday Shipmates.
    God it's great being a if we could just get some new ships...I think I hear the same refrain from our Navy bretheran.

    Now, I can reveal the primary mission of the Coast supervision for the Navy and Marines.

  5. All the photos except the last one came from the U.S, Coast Guard HQ imagery website. You need to do some searching there, though.

    The final photo is from a little adventure my MIUW unit shared with some Coasties about 21 years ago.

  6. "now if we could just get some new ships...I think I hear the same refrain from our Navy bretheran."

    Just think of it as our contribution (USN & USCG) to the 'peace dividend' (how did you spend yours?).....