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Good Company

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Rebuilding the Link List

Now I know how to delete all my linked to blogs, etc, all at once.

I needed some make work this afternoon.


UPDATE: There are, I have learned (once again), some buttons that should not be pushed.
UPDATE2: You might note some formatting changes, too. Another button I should have left alone.


  1. has a partial record of your link list as of last March.

  2. ...ergo, the rationale behind a prototype website to exercise the "what-does-this-do-oops-damn-thats-not-what-I-want-how-do-I-fix-it" loop.
    been there, done that - got the scars :(
    w/r, SJS
    "Code is not poetry, it is an evil incantation"

  3. Thank goodness for Google cache. It was less painful than a root canal.

    Oh look - a shiny new button