Eyes of the Fleet

Eyes of the Fleet

Monday, January 16, 2012

Cruise Ship Disasters: "Human Error?"

Story speaks for itself - BBC News - Costa Concordia cruise ship captain 'went off course'

Based on reports I have heard, here's a thought for you - when at sea on any sort or size of vessel, always carry a small, waterproof flashlight or glow stick on your person.

I don't care if it's the biggest ship on the ocean with the most lights per square foot or a small sailboat like a Sunfish, having a light when the lights go out or if you fall over the side or whatever may save your life.

Doesn't have to much of a light, either.

Even carrying a couple of glow sticks in a pocket or purse is a good idea if you won't carry anything else.

They will help you find your way out of dark spaces and help rescuers find you.

Glow sticks are cheap. I always carry a supply in my car. You just never know.

Sample light.

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  1. Glow sticks, one of those great moments in biochemistry. Nice shelf life on the newer models, too. I also carry them while scuba diving, since they work well underwater and aren't prone to leaking.

    I don't recommend cutting them open and pouring them in one's hair, though.

    Regarding the cuase of this thread: I don't recall another grounding or collision that resulted from maneuvering a vessel so that a crew member could wave to someone ashore while the ship was shooting an approach. The Captain being the first to leave the ship isn't exactly in keeping with maritime tradition, either.