Thursday, January 12, 2012

Somali Pirate Fail: "Know Your Enemy"

Surrendering survivors -EUNAVFOR photo
Well, the headline "Spanish Navy Thwarts Pirate Attack in Indian Ocean" doesn't really tell the tale:
Spanish forces have captured six alleged pirates in the Indian Ocean, after the suspects attacked a Spanish navy ship.

The Spanish defense ministry says pirates aboard a skiff (small boat) opened fire on the combat support ship PatiƱo early Thursday.

A statement says the navy ship exchanged fire with the pirates, who eventually tried to flee on their boat. A military helicopter caught up with the pirates, who then surrendered.

The ministry says six suspected pirates were taken into custody, five of whom were injured. The detainees said a colleague who was killed during the incident had been thrown overboard.
Hey, riding in a small boat, big ships look very much the same. Still . . .

This  is perhaps the 4th or 5th time this sort of thing has happened. Never turns out well for the pirates.
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  1. Might want ot purchase a copy of Jane's with some of their loot.....

  2. mandb3:03 PM

    They would need another ransom to pay for a copy of Jane's Fighting Ships.....