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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Things I have been waiting for: "Obama sex assault comments 'unlawful command influence'"

A recognition that the Commander in Chief is stacking the deck against fair trials. From Stars and Stripes: Judge: Obama sex assault comments 'unlawful command influence':
Two defendants in military sexual assault cases cannot be punitively discharged, if found guilty, because of “unlawful command influence” derived from comments made by President Barack Obama, a judge ruled in a Hawaii military court this week.

Navy Judge Cmdr. Marcus Fulton ruled during pretrial hearings in two sexual assault cases — U.S. vs. Johnson and U.S. vs. Fuentes — that comments made by Obama as commander in chief would unduly influence any potential sentencing, according to a court documents obtained by Stars and Stripes.
President Obama needs to learn to show some speech discipline.

BZ to Commander Fulton for having the guts to issue such a ruling.

Undue command influence is pernicious and this president has shown a repeated failure to restrain himself from commenting on things best left to the judiciary. However, he seems to have a never-ending need to pander to various interest groups.


  1. CMDR Fulton's next FITREP will be interesting, don't you think?

  2. Amberbock Mike8:06 PM

    Teleprompter Failure.

  3. Anonymous12:28 PM

    Hussein and Holder condemned George Zimmerman in the same manner with the full vitriol of the national media behind them..

  4. Anonymous7:38 AM

    Just because the CDR mentioned something any 1/c Midshipman could tell you, after Intro to UCMJ.......